The Venturi Mini is a speakerphone that wirelessly streams music and phone calls over your car's stereo; it's a great accessory if you want to unleash the tunes on your music phone.

To stream songs wirelessly with the Venturi Mini, your mobile phone (or MP3 player) must support stereo Bluetooth.

Setup couldn't be easier. You plug the £99 Mini - an apropos name since it's about the size of a teeny mobile phone - into your vehicle's cigarette charger, tighten the ring at its base, and then swivel its neck to adjust the view. After you set the Venturi Mini to the FM frequency you want to broadcast over, you pair it with your phone.

Finding a good, open frequency can be a challenge. The Venturi Mini lacks a station-finding feature, and the first few random frequencies we tried produced too much static.

We have a minor grievance with the Venturi Mini's scrollwheel, which requires endless spinning to span the spectrum of FM frequencies. Conveniently, though, the device stores four station presets, and once you have your presets, you don't have to tinker too much with the wheel.

The Venturi Mini features a music button and a phone button on the top, along with play/pause and stop buttons at the bottom; these double for call answer and end when you're using it as a speakerphone.

The scrollwheel lets you advance and reverse tracks. Although the buttons don't protrude, the Venturi Mini's simple layout allows you to pick up calls and control music by feel. A bright OLED screen displays caller ID and other information.

We tested the Venturi Mini with Nokia's 5300 XPressMusic from T-Mobile and Motorola's Razr2 V9m from Verizon Wireless. While the device worked impeccably with the 5300 - controls were ultraresponsive, and music consistently stopped when calls came through, resuming afterward - it had a few fits with the V9m (Venturi acknowledges some compatibility issues with this phone).