Have you ever tried watching a video on your iPhone or iPod touch and thought to yourself: "Man, I sure wish I had a stand that could hold up my i-device for me"?

Maybe you were at a coffee shop or on an airplane and needed two free hands, or maybe you're simply an enthusiastic thumb twiddler. Either way, a company called Seskimo was reading your mind.

Seskimo makes a clever plastic stand for iPhone and iPod touch called the Crabble, which has recently been updated with a much better design that, like the original, still folds and fits in a wallet.

The stand's legs can be extended or contracted to suit a variety of viewing angles and new rubber feet on the legs makes sure the stand doesn't slip and/or slide.

The Crabble accommodates both vertical and horizontal viewing quite well, as long as you don't use a case - there isn't much room for the extra plastic or rubber padding that most cases add.

But if you (like me) live on the edge by not using a case, or you can quickly pop your device out of its protective shell, the Crabble is a versatile, highly portable stand for iPhone and iPod touch (okay, fine, I use an Invisible Shield on the display, but I hardly think that counts as a case).

It's highly portable and fits unfolded in a billfold wallet, fitting into an 85mm square or a 70-x-100mm rectangle - or even smaller if stored when folded in half.

It has a variable landscape viewing angle of 45-80° - simply open the arms wider to make the screen more vertical.

As well as the Apple iPhone and iPod touch the Crabble works with other devices such as the Blackberry Curve 8900 (portrait mode only), HTC Touch, LG Cookie, Renoir, Viewty, Samsung Pixon, Soul, Tocco, and Sony Ericsson 302, 580, 700, 760 and Experia.

It's available in Black with white text, Translucent with white text and Translucent with orange text.

If you order just one you'll have to pay an extra 50p shipping to the UK, so it might be worth seeing if any of your iPhone mates wants one as well.


There are indeed a number of DIY alternatives that are cheap or free, but you also get what you pay for (trust me, I've tried them). For a mere £3.49, Seskimo gives you a choice of colours, solid construction, and crucial usability perks like rubber feet. The Crabble stand has won a permanent place in my wallet.