My “travel drawer” at home is full of things that I always forget to pack and therefore buy a new one each time I'm off on holiday or a work trip. It's stuffed with travel plug adaptors, blow-up “Snoozer” pillows for flight comfy neck support, and at least five iPod chargers.

There's little point taking your iPod or mobile phone on holiday with you if you can't recharge it, and most of these devices - especially the more sophisticated ones - aren't big on battery life.

All my rechargers are plain and boring, which is one reason that I always forget about packing them. The other reasons are all to do with packing at the last minute and gross stupidity.

Proporta probably made at least one of the chargers sitting idle at home while - in the departures lounge - I suddenly remember that I didn't pack one.

But I should remember its latest, as it's styled by upmarket high-street fashion store Ted Baker - a sort of poor man's Paul Smith (but not that poor!). (Paul Smith makes a few iPod cases, with trademark stripes and hidden naked ladies.)

Proporta's Ted Baker phone/iPod charger travel kit (Mobile Device Charger) is called Ted's Six Pack - all very blokey, although it's really a 16 pack.

You get a compact and slim stylish two-tone brown battery (weighing just 120g) that you recharge via another powered USB device, such as you PC or laptop, or the mains. It has an LED charge/discharge indicator and an on/off microswitch. It stores 3400mAH (Milliamp Hour) of power for when you need it most. A fully charged Ted Baker Mobile Device Charger should be able to charge most mobile devices between three and five times from completely empty, claims Proporta.

Also included are a bunch of inter-changeable connector heads: 1 x Nokia - Universal; 1 x Sony Ericsson - Universal; 1 x iPod/iPhone; 1 x Samsung; 1 x Mini USB; 1 x Micro USB, and 1 x 4.0 DC.

When your battery runs out just connect the charged Ted Baker battery (via the handy retractable USB to Mini USB cable) to continue using or recharge the device.

Ted's Six Pack also includes a Car Power Supply compatible with all standard car cigarette lighter sockets (why do cars nowadays still come with these unhealthy 1950s-style in-car accessories?), as well as an AC World Travel Charger Kit of weird and wonderful plug ends from all over the globe. (The UK plug is still reassuringly the largest of them all.)

And the thing that might make me remember to pack it is the fashion bit - a velvety Ted Baker drawstring bag. As it comes with 16 bits and pieces the bag is kind of vital.

Whether I remember to pack it next time I travel is up to me, but Proporta and Ted Baker have tried to make it easy for me not to forget.


Ted's Six Pack is stylish without being poncy, and should be an essential part of any man's travel bag, alongside the King of Shaves gel, Gillette Fusion, nail scissors, iPod and smartphone. Best of all, it's incredibly functional, smart and international - just like the modern-day male traveller, of course.