"Hang on a minute lads, I've got a great idea! Err..."

Proporta makes some great Apple iPhone cases and delights in producing limited-editions based on timely events, such as the 200th anniversary of the death of Charles Darwin.

Its latest iPhone case is meant to celebrate the "50th anniversary" of the original release of cult Brit heist caper flick The Italian Job.

The fact that the movie was release in 1969, a mere 40 years ago shouldn't stop iPhone-using Italian Job fans from picking up this latest limited edition. (To be fair, Proporta has corrected its initial error.)

The Alu-Leather Case (iPhone 3G) - Limited Edition (The Italian Job) may have the longest name ever attached to an iPhone case.

Handmade from the finest quality leather (no word on whether it's Italian), the case is built to the exact specifications of the Apple iPhone 3G - but will fit the original iPhone if you squeeze the two side grips in a bit.

It's lined with a sheet of rigid, aircraft-grade aluminium to protect the phone from "crushing and impact damage" - something Charlie Croker's Aston Martin DB4, Mini, and possibly the coach at the end of the film, could have done with.

Italian Job iPhone case

The Italian Job styling - with 60s-style mod arrows, tyretracks and, of course, the iconic Mini Cooper - is mostly covered by the phone when in place in the case, so it's subtle to say the least.

It costs £19.95.

Proporta has also unveiled a limited-edition Italian Job Leather Memory Wallet for £25.95.


Italian Job fans will love this case, which should enroll their precious iPhone in its own Self Preservation Society.