The Plantronics Voyager 855 is a Bluetooth headset for making voice calls and a stereo headset for listening to music.

Sound quality was pretty good, even in a crowded train station. One nice touch: the bottom two-thirds of the Plantronics Voyager 855 slides down to move the microphone closer to your mouth.

The 128 kilobits per second (kbps) and 192kbps MP3 files that we played from a phone sounded good, but the Plantronics Voyager 855 is no match for a wired set of music headphones, especially for reproducing higher-bit-rate music. Plantronics' stated talk time of 7 hours between battery recharges does not seem exaggerated.


The Plantronics Voyager 855 is well designed for a Bluetooth headset, though you'll still look dorky from the perspective of music fashionistas. It also sounds good, but again, only for a Bluetooth headset. In short, if you're a music-loving mobile-phone user, the 855 is a nice compromise.