Motorola's Motorola MotoRokr T505 is an in-car speakerphone that works great and is well designed, but may have limited utility for many users.

Even if you haven't done it yourself, you've witnessed other drivers doing it: reaching across the front seat to answer a mobile phone. It's a bad habit, one that could land you in trouble with the law, and one you can easily rectify using a reliable in-car speakerphone such as the Motorola MotoRokr T505.

Slightly bulkier than a garage-door opener, the Motorola MotoRokr T505 features a giant clip that attaches to your car's visor. It's a speakerphone, not a Bluetooth headset, so it's not intended for walking around or for individual listening.

The Motorola MotoRokr T505 pairs with any Bluetooth mobile phone, allowing you to chat hands-free while cruising down the M1.

You're not limited to using the Motorola MotoRokr T505 for phone calls, either. If you have a phone (or MP3 player) that supports stereo Bluetooth, you can also stream music to the device or to your car's stereo via the built-in FM transmitter.

Once you pair the Motorola MotoRokr T505 with your phone, the device dependably reconnects the next time you get into the car.

When someone rings you up, a cool-sounding female voice announces caller ID information. To answer, you press the big call button on the front left; although you must reach overhead, you can easily do it by feel. To initiate a call, you can redial the last number by pressing and holding the call button, or if your phone supports it, you can dial with voice commands.

We tried the Motorola MotoRokr T505 with an iPhone and a Razr2; in our tests voices came through loud and clear on the T505's internal speaker, with just a hint of fuzziness. On the other end, callers said that conversations sounded lucid, though as with most speakerphones, voices seemed slightly distant.

While streaming music through your stereo via the FM transmitter, you can control tracks by using the play/pause button on the front right of the T505, or skip between songs with the volume controls. Finding a station to tune in is a breeze. Press the FM button on the back, and the Motorola MotoRokr T505 suggests a frequency.

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