If you've seen the latest James Bond movie, Quantum of Solace, you'll know that the suave super spy gets knocked around rather a lot. How on earth does he keep his Apple iPhone 3G safe when he's being knocked off his feet by explosions and generally jumping around and getting shot at a lot.

(Squeamish viewers of Casino Royale might suggest he owns a couple of BlackBerries...)

iPhone and iPod case manufacturer Proporta knows that if Bond encased his iPhone 3G properly there's a good chance he would still be able to call ‘Q' to tell him that he doesn't need a new mobile despite all the roughing up.

Proporta has launched a Limited Edition Aluminium Lined Leather Case (Apple iPhone 3G) to coincide with the new Bond movie. It's not an official piece of Bond merchandise, so it's a bit cheeky, but it certainly looks the part.

James Bond Apple iPhone 3G case

It includes a pocket for Bond's Playboy membership card or Visa Signature card, but could easily be used for a travel or other credit card. There's also a belt clip option if you'd like to hang it by your Walther PPK.

Not only is the stylish case handcrafted from the finest leather, it's lined with tough aluminium that the company says is "enough to meet even aircraft-grade specifications" and provides protection against crushing and impact shocks.

Owners of the original iPhone needn't feel left out. If you squeeze the two side-holding clasps the thinner non-3G iPhone fits just as snugly.


The Limited Edition Aluminium Lined Leather Case for Apple iPhone 3G is smart, slick and cool, just like Mr Bond – and even a little more expensive than your average iPhone case. And it should get your beloved iPhone out of a few scrapes unscathed.