Jabra's nicely designed Jabra BT8040 Bluetooth headset can connect to two phones simultaneously, so if have two phones, you won't have to resync them each time you switch between them.

A bundled adaptor enables the £39 Jabra BT8040 to charge via USB. Unfortunately, its audio quality wasn't as good as we'd expect.

The Jabra BT8040, black with silver trim, looks subtle in the ear and weighs very little (less than 10g).

Its compact, angled shape is about half the length of a thumb, and its buttons are well placed: a bidirectional volume button sits at the top of the Jabra BT8040's headset, and a small call button occupies the middle.

Instead of offering an earhook, the BT8040 provides small, medium, and large rubber earbuds with a loop on the end that's supposed to wedge into your ear canal. The fit wasn't good for small ears, but it stayed in place if the wearer didn't move around too much.

With the Jabra BT8040, you get an AC power adaptor and a handy USB charger.

The Jabra BT8040 can connect to two phones simultaneously - a feature we tested using a Motorola Razr2 V9 and a Nokia E62. As we were listening to music on the Razr2, we were able to receive a call on the E62.

The music paused when we switched to the E62 and then resumed when we ended the call. We don't find this feature terribly useful, but anyone who switches between phones is likely to feel differently.

Callers sounded slightly muffled, but we could hear each other clearly even in a crowded train station.


The Jabra BT8040 sounds okay and has a few nice conveniences. But try before you buy, if possible, to see whether it fits your ear.