One of the annoying things about the iPhone’s design is its inability to accept many third-party headphone jacks. The headphone jack on the iPhone is recessed several millimetres, so standard headphones won’t fit in the jack.

We have previously reviewed the £6.95 Belkin Headphone Adapter for iPhone (originally £7.99), which we liked – but quite a few people have complained that it is too rigid.

Proporta’s iPhone Headphone Jack Adaptor is much more flexible and is 135mm long.

It’s black… er, what else can one say?!


At £5.95 Proporta’s iPhone Headphone Jack Adaptor is one of the cheapest around, and if Belkin’s adaptor is too stubby and rigid for you this model could be just the trick. (But, please Apple, allow standard headphone jacks on the 3G iPhone.)