When packing one's hardware to prevent damage, those familiar with using “skins” will testify that a tight fit is usually the design preference of manufacturers.

My current iPod skin is like getting in and out of a wetsuit, which isn't always what I’d term "battle ready" - especially if I am moving my iPod from the safety of its Bose SoundDock into the car.

Although there is the obligatory crotchless hole for peripherals, they never seem to fit properly when your i-device is bound in silicon. This usually means you have to yank the device out of the skin to use the peripheral - thus rendering it defenceless in situations where the rubberized skin would save a scratch or damage to the screen.

I was therefore a little sceptical about using skins for my new 3G iPhone. But because my iPhone is so shiny and new and my old i-pod has permanent battle damage to its LCD, I felt I had to use something to protect my precious. Therefore the Dual Skin Silicon Case from Proporta was something I had to try.

The first thing to note is that the build quality of the skin is a lot more flexible than the earlier generation of wetsuit like skins. This allows for quicker access, and its battle ready in seconds.

Secondly it has much better access for charging leads and peripherals. Because all the holes line up nicely you can plug in your headphones, use the camera and have access to the volume controls without having to reach for the talc.

I even experimented with using one of the layers of skin on the front of the device to protect the screen for instances when the iPhone is only required for voice calls. My website for other crazy modders of iPhone case skins is currently under development.

I have been trying it out in this mode to see if it’s a workable solution. I have concluded that this option is useful only in periods of transit. Heavy users, I suspect will not want to wear the front protection in favour of instant availability.


To keep that factory-fresh shine on your Apple device, skinning up with Proporta's latest Dual Skin case is a must to prevent harm occurring to your precious iPhone.