Always looking for a way to differentiate itself from the crowd of iPod/iPhone/mobile device accessory providers Proporta has seized on the 200th anniversary of the birth of Charles Darwin to introduce two limited-edition products: an iPhone case and a memory card wallet.

For iPhone 3G owners, Proporta offers the Darwin200 Alu-Leather Edge Case. On the back of this leather case is a Charles Darwin signature, so iPhone users can enrage not just fellow bus passengers but all nearby Creationists.

Proporta claims that the case guards against crushing and impact shocks with a sheet of rigid, lightweight, aircraft grade aluminium protecting the screen. Although tailored for the 3G iPhone, it fits the original Apple iPhone just as well.

The iPhone is held by tough side grips, but is shoulderless, so allowing for iPhone camera snaps while still encased.

Proporta's standard Alu-Leather Edge iPhone case costs £26.95, so you pay a quid for the privilege of the Darwin signature.


If, as Darwin suggested, we live in a world of survival of the fittest, the Darwin200 Alu-Leather Edge Case is certainly a natural selection.