Google Chromecast vs Amazon Fire TV comparison

 Fire TV vs Chromecast comparison

Google's Chromecast caused a mini storm in the media streamer world when it was announced earlier this year. The inexpensive HDMI 'stick' works quite differently to the Amazon Fire TV set-top box, so here we explain which is best in our Chromecast vs Fire TV comparison.

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Chromecast vs Fire TV comparison: price

The Chromecast costs £30, but can be found online for as low as £15. If you buy one from Google, you'll get 90 days of free access to Google Unlimited Music.

Amazon charges £79 for the Fire TV, which doesn't include a Prime subscription - that costs either £5.99 per month if you want only the video service, or £79 per year if you also want one-day delivery on Amazon Prime goods, plus Kindle benefits such as the Lending Library and a free book each month.

Chromecast vs Fire TV comparison: design

Amazon's Fire TV is a small set-top box, much like the Apple TV. It comes with a remote which you can use for voice searches instead of trying to use an on-screen keyboard. Optionally, there's a Bluetooth gaming controller for playing a variety of games from the Amazon Appstore, although for some you can use the bundled controller.

Fire TV vs Chromecast comparison

The Fire TV connects via an HDMI cable (which isn't included in the box), and requires a separate power supply.

The Chromecast looks like an over-sized USB flash drive, but plugs into one of your TV's HDMI inputs. It still requires power, but many modern TVs have a handy USB port which can be used for this.

Google Chromecast

It relies on another device to control it and act as a remote. This could be an Android smartphone or tablet, an iPhone or iPad, or a PC or laptop. For the most part, the remote control device simply begins the video stream, rather than beaming a video to the Chromecast. With certain apps, though, you can do this or display photos and videos directly from a phone or tablet.

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