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IRIScan 2 Executive from Iris is a portable USB-connected colour scanner, ideal if you need a scanner when you’re on the move. This multipurpose unit is available in two versions - the Express and the Executive - the latter featuring additional @Promt translation software to translate documents in foreign languages.

We found the IRIScan Executive 2 easy to use. After a few minutes to install the software, we then had to calibrate the scanner by inserting the bundled piece of white card face down into the scanner. Once setup, we were able to scan to our heart's content.

The included ReadIris Pro software is an OCR (Optical Character Recognition) program that allowed us to create electronic versions of any paper file we scanned, ready for further editing. We simply selected the desired brightness, contrast and DPI resolution of the scan, as well as selecting from a colour, grayscale or black and white option, and then started the scan. We were able to save the scanned image in a number of different file formats including Word documents, in preparation for editing the text of the document.

Also bundled with the scanner is a cradle and travelling pouch, along with Cardiris 4 software which can transform business cards into files compatible with email applications such as Outlook.

After installing Cardiris 4, you simply feed in a business card face down. The software uses OCR to pick out the name, phone numbers and email address, and after saving the contact it appeared in our Outlook contacts list.

However, we did find it important that the card was in pristine condition - creases caused the OCR software to struggle to identify the correct letters and numbers.


We were impressed with the Iriscan Executive 2. It's lightweight and portable enough to take it on the road, and it produced good quality scans. A must for any traveller who needs something more portable than a flatbed scanner.