The text-to-speech applications of Voice Reader Studio are extensive, and the audio quality pleasing.

Screen reading software has been available for quite a while, of course. Even Windows has a built-in utility, Narrator, that does a fairly good job of converting text to speech. The applications of Voice Reader Studio are much greater, however.

As well as reading emails, office documents and web pages, or being able to convert printed texts into audio books, Voice Reader Studio can become a virtual assistant.

RSS streams can be converted to speech to provide a virtual radio service, and event notifications mean that in Voice Reader Studio you have quite an effective personal organiser to hand.

Voice Reader Studio allows you to export speech as audio files which can then be played on an MP3 device, which is particularly useful if you want to create your own audiobooks, for example.

Voice Reader Studio claims to provide realistic voices – so listening to an email from your boss should sound less like commands from a Dalek, even if the content retains a certain less than human quality. Voice Reader Studio's multiple avatars are better than many programs in this respect.

Voice Reader Studio offers plenty of options for editing your sound files, but you have to move through various menus to find them.

As well as providing a pleasing voice, Voice Reader Studio provides some basic audio editing features for adding such things as applause effects and more fine tuning for audio quality.

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