RunKeeper is fairly easy to use. To get started with the app, you must either create a free account or log in to an account you have already created on the RunKeeper website.

Once you are logged in, the default start screen lets you input details about the activity you are about to begin: input type (GPS or manual), workout type, and whether or not you are using a saved route and/or coaching.

Once you tap the "Start Activity" button, the application begins recording and displaying the stats of your workout, including time, distance, pace, calories burned and average minutes per mile. Once you are finished with your workout and hit the "Stop" button, you are given the chance to input notes about your activity and post it to Facebook and Twitter.

It is worth noting that you can lock your phone, and the application will still record your workout. This helps to reduce the amount of battery power the app uses and prevents accidental button presses.

RunKeeper also offers verbal coaching for workouts. Users can create workouts on the RunKeeper website or use the workouts already saved in the app. Verbal cues tell the user what pace and intensity to use and for how long.


RunKeeper is a straightforward and easy-to-use application, with a clean interface. I began using RunKeeper's website first, and while I was happy with it, I struggled with remembering where I ran and for how long. The application solved this problem. It easily records my distance, route, and speed when I run, walk or bike, giving me accurate details that I can use to track my progress.

Some users have complained about the GPS signal being finicky at times, though I did not experience any problems with it myself.