It might be the world’s favourite internet movie database, but IMDb is a real pain to use when you’re surfing on an iPhone or iPod touch: there’s just too much pinching and scrolling to do. This app gets around that by presenting your favourite facts in an easy-to-use way. And it’s optimised for the iPad, too.

The app’s makers certainly seem to understand that screen space is at a premium on the iPhone and iPod touch. Its Select A Movie search field is very visible and easy to type into, with plenty of shortcuts and the app stacking information in a scrollable list. Instead of cramming an entire cast list into a single screen for example, IMDb lists the top billed actors. You can tap their names to see which other films they’ve appeared in, or tap a link to the full cast list on another screen.

The IMDb experience is even better on the iPad, where the app makes full use of the larger display and employs a range of panes and popup windows. Here, when you tap on a link to see the entire cast list of a movie, it appears as a separate, scrollable window overlaid on the main screen. Clicking to see an actor’s filmography also shows up as a separate window.

Other nice touches include a built-in video player that takes you right back to where you left off when you’ve finish watching a film trailer, and an omnipresent IMDb logo that kicks you back to the Home screen no matter where in the app you are.


Not everything about IMDb Movies & TV is perfect. It insists on displaying US cinema and TV listings instead of UK ones. But even this doesn’t detract from the main purpose of this app, which is to give you access to all kinds of information about movies and TV in a portable, easily digestible format.