It’s hard to believe that the iPad version of Evernote is the same one that runs on the iPhone and iPod touch. Evernote for iPad offers almost all the same features, but in tablet guise it’s just not as elegant, polished or easy to use.

The iPhone version opens to a New Note screen that lets you create a text, photo or voice note. The iPad implementation is slightly different. First, the iPad version opens to a loosely organised clutter of every Evernote you’ve ever created. Second, new notes can now include photos and audio as well as text, enabling you to mix the different media types up together.

Evernote for iPad

The iPad’s interface implementation is different too: your notes can be organised by date, title, place they were created or the notebook they’re stored in. You can also use the five tabs at the top of the screen to change the All Notes view to Notebook, Tags, Places and Searches.

To create a new note, you tap the New Note button on the bottom left of the screen. Evernote on the iPad gives you plenty of room to enter and edit text, but you can’t edit rich text.


Ultimately, Evernote on the iPad is disappointing. It should be able to use the iPad’s screen space to offer something closer to the desktop version with rich text editing, easy organisation and a better looking interface. It lacks the usability and value of the iPhone version or the versatility of the desktop application.