CloudMagic's lightning-fast search tool has impressed me since I reviewed a previous version over a year ago. I like its speed, I like its layout and I like the feature added to its latest version: Twitter search.

This browser extension for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox still searches your Gmail, Google Apps Email, Google Docs, Google Calendars and Google Contacts accounts. Once installed, it appears as a small search bar on the upper right side of your Gmail, Google, Google Docs or Twitter window. You manually add any accounts that you'd like CloudMagic to index by supplying your name and password. As with previous versions, this iteration of CloudMagic stores this information locally, on your PC.

CloudMagic then begins indexing your accounts, which can take some time if your accounts are sizable. It took several hours to index a Gmail account containing 7 years of messages, but only a few minutes to index a newer Twitter account. You can begin searching right away, but waiting until the indexing process is complete will deliver more accurate results.

The results that CloudMagic delivers are indeed excellent. CloudMagic says the latest version offers search that is up to 100 times faster than previous versions. While I can't verify that claim, I can say that CloudMagic is fast. Really fast. Super fast. However you want to describe it, know this: CloudMagic won't leave you waiting. Results appear in real time.

CloudMagic lets you search one account from within another, too: You can, for example, search Twitter from within Gmail. The tabbed interface easily lets you switch between Mails, Events, Docs, Contacts and Tweets, so finding what you want is a snap. Can't remember if you scheduled a dinner with someone? One search query sifts through email messages and calendar entries alike

The addition of Twitter search makes CloudMagic even more useful, especially for those who have accounts full of information they'd like to recall. But CloudMagic's solution is limited to searching your Twitter accounts: It searches tweets, retweets and direct messages. If you're interested in searching for users or hashtags, you'll need a utility like Twitter Search.


CloudMagic impresses me with its speed and accuracy every time I use it. With the addition of Twitter search, this super-fast, super-cool browser addon has only gotten better.