The Panasonic LB60NTEA is a silver-coloured professional projector, with a slightly flimsy and plasticky finish which is disappointing on a unit of this price.

Visually the Panasonic LB60NTEA's styling is functional – some effort has been put into the button panel on the projector, but from the front all you see is a lens. There isn't even a visible logo, although for some applications this won't be a bad thing.

Around the back of the Panasonic LB60NTEA are two VGA connectors, S-video, and composite video, but no component inputs. HD video support includes 720p and 1080i, but there's no HDMI.

The Panasonic LB60NTEA has built-in wireless, using a utility called Wireless Manager. The current version available for download from Panasonic's site is version 3, which is Windows only.

The Panasonic LB60NTEA is a very bright projector, and visual performance is very good. Both desktop and video presentation is very crisp and sharp, although for video use the relatively high contrast meant we would have liked to see some deeper blacks. It's likely that one of the alternative video modes offers this, but we couldn't get to it because we were frankly baffled by the menu and power buttons. This may have been because Panasonic didn't supply us with a remote, but even so it wouldn't be unrealistic to expect the menu and power buttons to show a menu and turn off the power.

After an initial setup, both buttons stopped responding, which meant we couldn't test any of the alternative video settings or other modes. We also couldn't turn off the power – single or extended presses of the power button did nothing at all. In the end, we had to pull out the plug, which seemed a little extreme – although the Panasonic LB60NTEA includes a backup fan which cools the lamp even when no power is attached, which means it's more likely to survive both power cuts and aggressive reviewing tactics than the competition.


So what do you get for £945 inc VAT? Good video quality, high brightness, a web-compatible setup option and 1080i HD support. But we found the controls unresponsive, the build quality isn't great and the Panasonic LB60NTEA isn't very portable.