The NEC NP60G is the tiniest professional projector we've seen.

Weighing just 1.6kg, the NEC NP60G is about the same size and a quarter of the weight of two hardback books. The styling is business silver – someone has tried to make the NP60G look good, but even with a few subtle curves its appeal is more generic than unique.

The small size means that connectivity options are limited. There's a single VGA port, plus composite and S-video. There's no pass-through option, no input switching, no LAN control or USB, and no serial D25 remote control.

The aim here is portability, and the NEC NP60G is easy to tote around to presentations. At 3,000 lumens brightness is high for the type, and this is also the only DLP unit we looked at.

This means colours are slightly less intense than on the LCD models, so this won't be a first choice for creative presentations, but they're more than saturated enough for business use. The NEC NP60G's high brightness doesn't seem quite so impressive compared to similar products. Even at a nominal 3,000 lumens it was struggling slightly with ambient light.

Some thought has gone into auto-setup, with automatic signal switching and also a neat autofocus option which measures the distance to the wall and adjusts the focus to match. So the NEC NP60G is close to plug 'n' play.

The NP60G just works. The menu system is similarly simplified.

Enter and Exit buttons on the NEC NP60G's remote make it easy to find your way around without having to stop and think about which buttons to press next. This NEC NP60G has fewer features than the competition, so colour customisation isn't a strong point, although it does offer a range of preset wallscreen colour shifts for projection onto painted surfaces.

The down side of the small size is small projection area – although to be fair it's comparable to other short-throw units, rather than significantly smaller. The NEC NP60G won't be a good choice if you're looking for a wide-throw projector, but it will do the job in a larger room if there's distance to spare.


If portability is important to you, the NEC NP60G's high brightness, effective auto focus and ease of use make it a winner. But it is very noisy, has a small throw and limited connection options.