The Mitsubishi XL1550U is a well connected professional projector that produces solid results.

At first sight the Mitsubishi XL1550U looks huge. It's also very bland and beige, with a giant lens and a somewhat spongey button panel, which doesn't give the impression of total robustness.

There's an unusually generous set of connectors, including two VGAs, a VGA monitor pass-through, a separate DVI-D with DHCP, RJ45 LAN and USB, and both S-video and composite. The Mitsubishi XL1550U has no HDMI or component video, but HD support includes 1080i and 720p, as well as the usual SD video modes.

Also included with the Mitsubishi XL1550U are a remote with a built-in laser pointer, and an industrial anti-theft tag. Unlike most tags, which are usually little more than a slot in a plastic case, this one has some substance – not quite enough to stop a determined boltcutter attack, but adequate to discourage casual opportunists.

The menu system is slightly lateral – it's not hard to understand, but it could be better thought out. Regular users may want to print out the Mitsubishi XL1550U's menu tree from the PDF manual.

Features include a standard selection of display modes, including sRGB and ‘theatre', as well as programmable colour and sharpness, which includes wall screen compensation for various standard colours.

There's also an optional LAN control system, connected via standard ethernet cabling, which means that unlike USB or serial control, long runs aren't a problem. The setup software is Windows only, but once set up, the Mitsubishi XL1550U can be controlled remotely from any standard web browser.

There's even an email notification feature which sends you an email when the Mitsubishi XL1550U needs attention, for example when the bulb needs to be replaced.

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