What if you could create animations that looked like Flash and had interaction like Flash, but that ran directly in any modern browser, including Safari on the iPad?

You don’t have to speculate, because it’s already here. The hype about Tumult Hype is justified.

At first sight, Hype looks a little like an early version of Flash, before Macromedia (Flash was later bought by Adobe) started to throw in extras like ActionScript and database connectivity.

Hype is superior to proto-Flash though. It has easier-to-use timeline animation tools and intuitive support for every HTML5 and CSS3 animation feature you can think of.

With Flash under fire and HTML5 on the rise, Hype is impressive

Yes, there are the familiar stage, timeline and properties areas and keyframes and scenes, but Hype cleverly does away with static frames, automatically creating tweened animations in a number of ways. You can add an object to a scene, then add successive key frames and tweak parameters manually. You can use the Record feature to make quick, complex animations.

Hype is a timely tool. As HTML5 and CSS3 support improves in modern browsers, the demand for authoring applications grows. Shockwave Flash was the de facto standard for a decade, but HTML5 has animation support built in, without plugins.


Hype will face stiff competition, Adobe’s new HTML5 animation tool Edge for one. The preview version is free and, unlike Hype, it runs on Mac and Windows. But, right now, Hype (at the special price of £21) is the more feature-packed of the two.