Sony’s FP70 is of a similar size to the Panasonic and Kodak dye-subs and it uses the same technology. But just as much attention has been paid to styling as convenience of operation. It’s certainly cute.

  • Print quality: 4/5
  • Average print time: 60 seconds
  • Average cost per print: 25p

The FP70 uses a side-mounted ink cartridge and a front-loaded paper tray, but easily accessible front slots have been provided for media cards. And, unlike the other two companies, Sony hasn’t compromised usability to promote its own brand.

Unfortunately, the FP70’s LCD is no larger than that of most cameraphones and, while the 2.5in LCD is angled towards the user, it’s fixed in position. Cameraphones usually have Bluetooth, too.

On a positive note, the reasonably well-constructed printer features the same image processor as found in Sony’s A100 digicam, and can handle file sizes up to 48MB.

If it were able to live up to the claimed print speed of 45 seconds then the Sony would be the best-performing printer here. We recorded a less stunning time of 60 seconds from warm-up, but that’s still quicker than the three other dye-subs.

Impressively, Sony’s DPP-FP70 can automatically detect faces in an image, lightening those portions if necessary. Direct printing via PictBridge-enabled devices is also supported, while a separate USB port allows connectivity to be made with your PC (if you buy a lead).

The look and feel of prints is similar to that delivered by the Kodak, although it gives slightly more abundant colour.