Compact photo printers: how we test

The average print times listed here relate to the time elapsed from hitting print to the completion of the process: a dry-to-the-touch hard copy in our hands.

These times are, for the most part, slightly longer than those quoted by the manufacturers, which often don’t include the period that it takes the paper to load and the machine to warm up. But they’re nevertheless a fair indication of how long you’ll actually have to wait, whether printing direct from a memory card or via your PC.

For the latter we used Samsung’s equally compact and sleek new Q45 laptop PC running Photoshop CS2 as the hub of our digital darkroom. And, to ensure as level a playing field as possible, we also used the same test shot as a starting point for each printer, so we could directly compare colour saturation, fidelity and, of course, overall sharpness.

For exactly the same reason, although many of the compact photo printers here offer the ability to perform rudimentary image editing and enhancements, we left the printers on their out-of-the-box, fully automatic factory settings.


The Canon Selphy’s space-saving design is a boon, but its print speed and quality of output can’t match the best of the bunch.