Kerio describes Workspace as a server software solution for businesses that allows teams to spend less time trying to find documents and files, and more time collaborating on them. Collaborative working is not a new idea. In fact, many have tried and many have failed to provide products that can streamline workflow and make projects run that bit more smoothly.

Workspace enables users to contribute to any number of projects simultaneously. No matter where they are in the world, as long as they have access to a computer they can work.

Once the software is installed on your server, a very simple task, you can get on with adding users and creating your project. The interface is fairly basic and users who like their pretty Mac OS X interface might find it a touch alien, but there’s no denying the underlying flexibility and power of the Workspace system.

As with all collaborative working software it all depends on how well it fits your working practices. If you’re starting from scratch with a new concept then bending to the Kerio Workspaces workflow is simple. If, however, you have an existing structure and methodology, even if it’s a less streamlined one, then fitting Workspace into your system will be more difficult.

Dull though the interface may seem it belies a very comprehensive and useful tool for group tasks

Though Kerio Workspace is simple to use there’ll still be an initial training cost and this should be factored into your costs too. Currently Kerio Workspace is £105 for a five seat licence, which we think is excellent value for money, as long as you invest the time to learn the full potential of the app.


Some minor gripes about the interface aside Kerio Workspace is a very flexible and, potentially, money saving tool. If you have a team that all work remotely, or have lost control of your workflow, then Workspace is certainly worth a look.