Unlike the other applications in this roundup, Worketc is a full productivity and small-business management suite that includes customer relationship management features, billing, sales and project management.

The sheer number of work-related tasks that you can do in Worketc made setup a little painful. The "Getting Started Guide" alone is 33 pages long.

Worketc’s project management features are very similar to the features in 5pm, including Gantt-inspired charts to manage task dependencies and mission critical tasks.

One nice feature lets you post a comment on a task and make it visible to only one or several team members. This function is especially useful if you’re working with vendors, subcontractors, and outside clients. For example, if one of my clients posts a comment on a task regarding costs, I want the option to discuss the matter privately with my team members before posting a response.

Although the Worketc suite offers many useful project management tools, I wouldn’t use this program unless I was planning to use the other features too. Worketc’s main advantage is its integration of project management with customer relationship management, sales and billing.

From establishing a lead to invoicing a client at the completion of a project, Worketc is its own ecosystem of tools linked so closely together that it's difficult to pick and choose what to use.


If you’re already using Worketc in your business, its project management features are a good option.