PC Now installs its software on your target PC and sets you up with an account for logging in remotely.

Setup takes a matter of minutes. PC Now requires an access code, along with your username and password, before it will let you at the contents of the target PC.

We were impressed to discover that PC Now displayed a perfect copy of the target PC’s desktop, including the wallpaper.

A small toolbar on the bottom righthand side of the screen offers options including ‘Fit to screen’, ‘Use Ctrl, Alt, Del to remotely access the Task Manager’ and ‘Shut down any programs that have crashed’. The file-transfer function is listed here too.

We found PC Now very efficient at file transfer, taking less than five minutes to transfer an 18MB file from the target PC. The software also let us switch between the multiple monitors attached to our target PC.

Every program and file on the target PC is accessible via the local machine; the system sounds of the target PC are also audible through the local system.

PC Now allows printing to be carried out to devices connected to either system, and we appreciated the way the service’s application window remained on top of everything else running on our local system.

Probably most impressive was the mobile access PC Now offers. By simply installing the necessary software on to our target PC, we were able to use our web-enabled mobile phone to access the files, photos and documents stored on our target PC.


Suitable for those who wish to often work remotely from another PC or their mobile, and don’t mind using a US-based service.