RemotePC requires software to be downloaded to both the target and local systems. As the whole process took only a couple of minutes, however, we didn’t find this too much of a trial.

RemotePC first prompts you to choose which PC to connect to. As with some of the other programs here, a host key is required to gain access to the machine, in addition to the usual username and password. If you want to access a PC remotely you’ll need to generate a host key beforehand, so a bit of extra planning is required.

Once connected, opening programs and accessing files and folders on the target PC is a straightforward process. You can edit documents and save the changes either locally or on the remote PC. As with the other remote-access programs here, you have the choice of overwriting an existing file or creating a new version.

RemotePC also offers a file-transfer function. When we tried this, it took just under five minutes to transfer an 18MB file from the target PC to our local machine.

We also found it easy to print remotely from the target PC to a device connected to our local computer.


Suitable for those seeking a very low-cost and basic remote access service.