As the name implies, PlainText is a basic text editing app with a tiny, but useful feature set and a minimalist interface. It uses a clean, paper-like background with 18-point Georgia text that’s easy on the eye.

On the iPad, the app offers two ways for you to work, one that displays a small sidebar with a list of all your documents and small buttons for changing settings, or creating new folders and documents. The other is a full screen mode that hides the document’s sidebar and displays your text in the middle of the page.

In both cases, the app maintains a text window that is roughly 70 to 75 characters wide, except when you’re working in portrait mode with the sidebar displayed. Overall, the width of the text seemed perfect, but working in portrait mode with the sidebar open can feel cramped.

The iPad version of PlainText gives you the option to have a small sidebar on the left side of the screen, or to write in full-screen mode

One of PlainText’s most appealing features is its ability to link to your Dropbox account for access to your saved documents anywhere. The limitation is that you can’t navigate your existing Dropbox folder from within the app.

You have to create a PlainText folder at the root of your Dropbox account in order for PlainText to work properly. PlainText offers other useful features, including integration with Smile’s TextExpander. There’s also a word and character count. What it lacks is an option to email a document from within the app.


Overall, PlainText for iOS is a thoughtfully designed tool which makes creating basic text documents a real pleasure.