MindManager 7.0 from Mindjet lets you break down projects and even ideas into manageable chunks for planning and presentation purposes. You can prioritise task, and quickly establish relationships between different tasks.

You might call it 'blue sky thinking' or 'brainstorming', but the vogue term is 'mind mapping' – a process where you visually break down an idea into its component parts.

Mind mapping enables you to chart the relationship between elements of a project or concept, making it easier to work with.

Traditionally the only tools required are a flip chart and a marker – but this is the 21st century and you can now brainstorm with your PC.

MindManager is a creative thinking tool meant for personal or presentation use that helps you map out projects, events, to-do lists or ideas, using mind mapping techniques.

A traditional mind map begins with a central concept or topic. From there you would normally draw branches to sub-topics, which in turn may have their own branches or conceptual lists. MindManager gives you the tools to do this.

Every map starts with a central topic, to which you can then add sub-topics, clockwise, in the document area. Topics can be further sub-divided, have detail added to them and be edited. Once your topics have been placed in the work area they can be moved around the screen and organised for maximum aesthetic impact.

Speaking of aesthetics, you retain complete control over the look of your mind map. You can colour code topics, change fonts, backgrounds and topic boundaries.

In addition to these basic tools, there are features that are more commonly found in event planners.

A floating ‘Inspector' enables you to assign priorities to topics – stages of a project, for example. You can assign resources to a topic, add a label that tells users how complete an element is and so on.

You can also involve other users within your business, as real-time interactions during the planning process.


Overall, MindManager is a strong presentation and organisational tool for individual or team use.