Whereas 5pm allows users to indicate dependency relationships between two tasks, Cohuman also evaluates the information associated with each task, and automatically identifies those dependency relationships.

Cohuman assigns each new task a score that determines its priority in relation to the other tasks in a project. Each team member receives a Cohuman-generated smart list of all of his or her tasks, organised by importance. Simply put, no matter how many tasks are associated with a project, Cohuman makes it incredibly easy for each team member to separate the mission critical tasks on their to-do list from the rest.

Using an earlier example, if my web developer were to enter "Finalise home page layout" into Cohuman, she could indicate that this task is due tomorrow, and that she needs the task called "Upload graphics assets" to be completed by our graphic designer first. Cohuman would immediately move "Upload graphics assets" to the top of our graphic designer’s to-do list, and the designer would receive an email notifying her of the change. Our graphic designer would then know that she has to complete the "Upload graphics assets" task promptly, because that task is holding up another team member’s work.

In this way, Cohuman prevents one team member’s long to-do list from delaying the entire project. With 30 tasks on her list, the graphic designer may not have gotten to "Upload graphics assets" for weeks. In the meantime, without Cohuman’s smart prioritisation system, our web developer would have been unable to move forward on her tasks. In addition, users can manually change a task’s priorities, and send pings (gentle reminders from Cohuman) when a task is overdue.

Lastly, Cohuman’s email integration features are extensive. Cohuman makes it easy to keep up with project activities without ever logging in to the Cohuman web application. For example, if I receive an email message from my website host, I can assign it as a task to my web developer and leave a comment on the task simply by forwarding the email to Cohuman.


Look to Cohuman if your project includes many moving parts, or if your team has no project manager.