Palo Alto's Business Plan Pro 11.0 software is designed with one thing in mind - to make writing a business plan easier.

And Business Plan Pro 11.0 is certainly friendly. It gently eases in users to the thorny process of writing a business plan. If you're new to the process of forming a business, and less than confident about doing so, you'll enjoy Business Plan's ease of use.

Business Plan Pro 11.0 itself, rather than the information it contains, is easy to use and easily navigable. While it can look a bit busy at times it is perfectly easy to reduce all but that which you want to look at and concentrate on.

Another plus point about Business Plan Pro 11.0: it allows you to flit from one topic to another without being too rigid about the order in which the plan is put together. This is very useful when you are more confident in some aspects of a business, and less sure of yourself in other areas.

The numerous examples available when writing a company summary or marketing strategy, for example, are useful for general wording. Unfortunately for UK users, they have a very American slant and so could push some people the wrong way. Business Plan Pro 11.0 does use language not so suitable to potential investors in Britain.

There are many sections in Business Plan Pro 11.0 that will be suitable for some businesses but less so for others and some outside advice, rather than a piece of software designed to catch as many customers as possible, would be a better guide to what is needed and what is not.

So, when compiling a business plan for the British market place it would serve any user well to contact the various institutions that provide assistance in this area (banks, Citizens Advice, Business Link) to get advice on not overloading their business plans.

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