Although Asana doesn’t have the bells and whistles that 5pm and Cohuman offer, it emerged as the most versatile project management program in this roundup. Asana is essentially a very customisable to-do list with a few tools that, when used intelligently, can bring order to a variety of projects.

For example, you can use Asana to track job applicants in a recruitment search by creating a new project for every open position with each applicant as a separate task. Using Asana’s tagging system, you can indicate which applicants have submitted a résumé, have scheduled a phone interview or have completed a round of interviews. Later, you can track how many applicants are in each stage of the application process, using Asana’s metrics system.

Asana is the one program in this roundup that I kept going back to with more ideas of projects that I could manage using the built-in to-do lists, including Christmas presents I need to purchase, holiday events I have to plan and home improvement projects that I’d been meaning to undertake.

While I would never sign up for a 5pm or Cohuman account unless I was working on a complex project that involved multiple team members, I would open an account with Asana and share it with my family and friends to coordinate our personal projects.


Asana is great if you are managing simple tasks and you want an interface that is cleaner than Google Spreadsheets, or if your team has an excellent project manager who will assign and follow up on task dependencies.