The Ajax13 suite includes ajaxWrite (a word processor), ajaxXLS (a spreadsheet viewer), ajaxSketch (a graphics editor), ajaxPresents (slideshow presentation software), and ajaxTunes (a media player).

For Ajax13, however, 13 is an unlucky number.

True to its website claim, Ajax13's ajaxWrite loaded in under six seconds (it was closer to three seconds the few times it worked, although sometimes it never would open), and it has a clean, if sparse, look.

That and its price are about all Ajax13 has going for it.

The company's website says "ajaxWrite has been designed to look like Microsoft Word, making it easy for anyone to start using it without needing to learn a new program".

What it should really say is that ajaxWrite is more like WordPad than Word - a toolbar and some menus are the only similarities in design.

You can align text, choose from a selection of serif and sans-serif fonts, pick text colours and sizes, and create numbered and bulleted lists.

There's a built-in, always-on spell checker that offers correct spellings and the ability to add words to the dictionary.


It's free, available anywhere and it's quick in use, but Ajax13's ajaxWrite leaves a lot to be desired.