The LaCie 2big Network is a NAS device with two drives.

Encased in dull grey metal like much of LaCie's line of larger hard-drive systems, the LaCie 2big Network would sit well next one of Apple's pro-level Macs - but on its own it looks a little like an air-conditioning unit or heater.

The one giveaway of its computing purpose is the big blue HAL-style inset dome on the front of the LaCie 2big Network. The ribbed metal sides help to dissipate heat, so the LaCie 2big Network can run its fan slower - producing less noise.

The two drives inside are removable via two drive trays at the back of the LaCie 2big Network.

The LaCie 2big Network's web interface is basic and doesn't make it easy for you to find what you're looking for. The bundled Ethernet Agent offers easier control, but runs as an always-on System Tray application.

Changing between Safe 100 and Big modes (RAID 1 and JBOD) is faster than other systems, but the lack of a RAID 0 option will put off users looking for a fast unit for project sharing.

The LaCie 2big Network's main flaw is that it slow. Even considering the low price, its performance is poor.


The LaCie 2big Network's metal design keeps noise down, it enjoys simple software and doesn't cost a lot. But it's far from quick, and there's no RAID 0 mode.