Like the Buffalo Terastation Live 1TB, the Iomega StorCenter is a network-attached storage (NAS) device that uses four individual SATA hard drives which can be formatted into a variety of RAID configurations. Click here for more reviews of NAS drives.

The Iomega StorCenter 150d 1TB is reasonably compact given the amount of hardware that's been crammed inside, but at 10Kg it's very heavy and wouldn't really be considered portable.

Expandability is excellent. A total of four USB host ports allow you to upgrade the Iomega StorCenter 150d 1TB by adding additional external USB drives and a printer, all of which can be managed and shared across your network. One pair is fitted at the font of the device to allow easy temporary connection of flash USB keys.

Access to the Iomega StorCenter 150d 1TB's hard drives is protected by a lockable front door which swings open to reveal four quick-release levers, enabling quick swapping of failed drives.

Perhaps more suited to a business than a home environment, the Iomega StorCenter 150d 1TB doesn't come with a built-in multimedia server or web server, but it has support for Active Directory and Windows Domains instead. FTP access is also provided on a per-user basis.

EMC Retrospect Express backup software is provided to enable safe automatic backup to the Iomega StorCenter 150d 1TB of all the PCs on your network.


A high-end product more suited to business user, but simple enough to use at home. No multimedia features are provided, but the Iomega StorCenter 150d 1TB has good performance and data security.