While clearly aimed at home users, the Acer Aspire EasyStore is a NAS drive that offers much that will appeal to small businesses - ease of use, speedy media delivery, an appealing design and the ability to work as a wireless router.

Whether in Raid 0, 1, or 5 mode, the Acer Aspire EasyStore is rapid to copy media from, which is unsurprising as it's designed to be used to stream video and audio. Nor was it slow when copying media to the device, although its test scores were behind its main rivals, Iomega's StorCenter and Thecus's N3200.

The Acer Aspire EasyStore's glossy, black chassis is attractive, and it sports the now-obligatory blue LEDs. The back has an ethernet port and a wireless antenna, but no USB ports for attaching portable drives.

The wireless connection is too slow for the Acer Aspire EasyStore to be connected to your network that way and it interfered with the setting up of the unit. Another drawback are the drives themselves, which are fiddly to access.

The included Acer Aspire EasyStore software isn't great, however. There's no Mac version and it's a pain to use. It locks up to scan your network every few seconds. The Aspire EasyStore is also pricey compared to the competition.


The Acer Aspire EasyStore enjoys fast delivery of media, attractive design and an easy-to-use web interface. However, it's pricey, the wireless connection caused setup problems, there's no Mac software and the Windows software is poor. Also, the drives are hard to get at.