In many ways the story of the MacBook Air is the story of a series of compromises, all made in order to fit an entire Mac in a 1.3kg package that's 4mm thick at its thinnest point.

Battery included

One of the more controversial features of the MacBook Air is its battery. Not its 5-hours battery life, but the fact that the it's not replaceable.

There's no battery door and so no way to swap a dead battery out and replace it with a fresh one. Like an iPod or iPhone, the MacBook Air has a battery embedded inside and there's no official way to get it out other than giving your laptop back to Apple and asking the company to replace it for a fee.

For some users, swapping batteries is a necessity. If you take long plane flights or otherwise travel for long periods of time without access to a power outlet, bringing along a second battery has been a time-tested tradition.

With the MacBook Air, that safety net is gone.

More troubling, however, was the time it took to recharge the battery. It took us nearly five hours to recharge the battery with the MacBook Air's wimpy 45W power adaptor.

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