The TallyGenicom 8124 is aimed at the small- to medium-sized workgroup needing colour output up to A3 with bleed.

There is growing competition in this part of the market, as more organisations take the production of short print runs of, say, brochures in-house. The TallyGenicom 8124, therefore, has a number of obstacles to surmount.

On taking the TallyGenicom 8124 out of the box, the first task is to load the toner cartridges, which need to be inserted before being locked into place by being rotated clockwise.

The rest of the setup process is also less than straightforward.

That said, once the TallyGenicom 8124 was set up, its built-in web server allowed us to access the printer from anywhere on the network using a web browser.

In operation, the TallyGenicom 8124 feels like a solidly made piece of equipment likely to withstand the rigours of daily office life. We suspect that the IT department will also like it for the built-in castors on the base unit, which make for easy access.

Unfortunately, it can't be said that the TallyGenicom 8124 performed outstandingly on our standard set of tests, taking over four minutes to print 50 copies of a Word document. Colour output was disappointing too, with a slightly yellowish cast over the photo test, and an odd transposition of some of the bars of our greyscale test at A4 – although not, curiously, at A3.


The TallyGenicom 8124 is middle of the road in everything it does, and is a bit of a bind to set up. Memory is a disappointing 384MB out of the box, with a maximum of only 640MB, so it's hardly future-proof either.