Samsung's CLP-660ND colour laser printer has a lot of competition in its price range. While it's a decent printer in most respects, its subpar graphics quality dampens our overall enthusiasm for it.

Though installing the Samsung CLP-660ND started with one of those potentially daunting, wordless posters, the process went smoothly. The PDF user guide offers plenty of operational guidance but not much on the driver or software.

When we tried using Samsung's own driver for the Samsung CLP-660ND, it stalled on our Photoshop tests because of a mysteriously absent .dll file; we ended up testing it using the PostScript driver instead. At press time, Samsung said it had resolved the driver issue but had not confirmed a date for making the fix publicly available.


The better-than-average reliability of Samsung printer products buoys the ranking of an otherwise run-of-the mill printer. The Samsung CLP-660ND struggles with graphics quality so, if you buy it, you should probably stick to pie charts and other simple, ordinary image types.