The Lexmark C935DN is a large format colour laser printer that proved to be something of a curate's egg.

It is, admittedly, pretty fast off the mark when it comes to printing 50 copies of a Word document, coming in at 1 minute 18.27 seconds.

However, that turn of speed is offset by the decidedly messy method for replacing the Lexmark C935DN's toner. This involves removing a small, sliding cover from the cylindrical cartridge – exposing the toner – before inserting the cartridge into its corresponding (cylindrical) holder in the printer, twisting the cartridge clockwise by about a quarter of a turn to lock it in place.

In practice, it took a more than a little effort to avoid toner spillage, and even then we ended up with grubby fingers on a couple of occasions.

Colour reproduction is also a little on the muddy side: in standard quality, on 80gsm paper, our Kodak grey-scale merged into a single murky smear at the dark-grey-to-black end of the spectrum. However, the Lexmark C935DN's driver allows comprehensive adjustments to be made to the colour and tonal balance, so with a little experimentation and calibration we're sure output could be improved. We found build quality to be a little on the flimsy side too, especially the adjustable sliders inside the paper tray, which needed to be treated with more than usual care.

On the positive side, the Lexmark C935DN includes Gigabit Ethernet.


If we sound a little less than wholly enthusiastic about the Lexmark C935DN, it is by no means intended as a slight. However, there were a few shortcomings that needed addressing before the Lexmark C935DN could be recommended.