The HP LaserJet P4014n monochrome laser printer is tough and expandable enough to handle the needs of a high-volume office. But it's also expensive (£627) and demands premium prices for additional components. And on top of that, its graphics quality is pretty dismal.

Performance is mostly strong. In our tests, the LaserJet P4014n topped out at 34.9 pages per minute (ppm) for plain text pages (HP rates the printer at 45ppm), which is above average. Graphics speeds were ahead of the pack, too, but with inferior results. Images looked washed-out, lacked detail, and had a rough-looking texture.

The control panel's clean, elegant design guides you through a sophisticated set of menus and options. The LCD displays up to four lines of blue type, and the control buttons are identified by intuitive icons or labels. Menu options start with a 'show me how' category that includes guidance on such typical operations as clearing paper jams and loading trays. The LCD is set into the curved top-front profile, so the printer has to be positioned at eye level or lower in order for users to be able to see it.

The unit has a sturdy, 100-sheet multipurpose tray and 500-sheet input and output trays. Like the printer itself, the main input tray is built like a tank, with virtually no flex. All of the paper guides are colour-coded and easy to adjust. The unit can accommodate four more input trays for a maximum capacity of 3,600 pages. HP also offers a 500-sheet, five-bin mailbox with a sorter.

Consumables costs are reasonable, and about average. PC Advisor's sister site PC World recently ran a survey of vendor Reliability and Service, and readers reported a higher-than-average proportion of complaints about HP printers.

The HP LaserJet P4104n is a formidable text printer that's tough enough to withstand years of wear and tear, and upgradable enough to grow along with your business. Unfortunately it's a bit expensive for what you get.


This printer delivers powerhouse text printing on the cheap, but its graphics quality is barely adequate.