The Canon LBP5960 is a solid if unspectacular large-format colour laser printer.

The review unit we tested from Canon – the Canon LBP5960 – turned up with substantial physical damage to the outer casing. However, that seems to have left its performance unaffected on our standard series of tests.

Toners are inserted into slots under the top cover of the Canon LBP5960 – handy for those who might have back problems. Toner life is not exactly spectacular: 6,000 pages for colour and 10,000 for black, although the toner and drum unit are separate items, which means less expense when it comes to replacing one or the other.

The Canon LBP5960 produced 50 A4 copies of our standard Word document in around 1 minute 30 seconds at 600dpi. It made similarly short work of a 10-page Excel spreadsheet: 31.35 seconds.

These, of course, are pretty much bread-and-butter tasks to any printer, so to test graphics capability we used a 4MB PDF containing a mix of print, graphics, images and colour swatches. At A4 and 600dpi the Canon LBP5960 churned out our file in 27.04 seconds, while at 1,200dpi that time lengthened slightly to 38.21 seconds. Using the same PDF scaled up to A3 resulted in 29.32 seconds at 600dpi and 1 minute 4.87 seconds at 1200 dpi.

In terms of cost of ownership, toners run to approximately £50 each, while the drum units are more expensive, at around £160.


Overall, then, we felt that the Canon LBP5960 was worthy rather than outstanding, with an average toner life and a paltry maximum memory of 384MB letting it down.