Smart and stylish, the Samsung YP-T10 media player packs a host of features in a compact user-friendly design.

Simply put, the Samsung YP-T10 has more on offer than any other media player in that price range and holds its own in an iPod-dominated market.

The Samsung YP-T10 scores first for its solid body and pleasing design. The front is covered with a glossy translucent plastic with a white base. The vibrant 2in QVGA screen is off set by backlit touch sensitive controls that are situated along its base.

The back-brushed aluminum cover minimises shock when dropped and the scratches that shiny surfaces are prone to is not an issue with the Samsung YP-T10. The lack of a miniUSB port forced us to stick with its proprietary cable.

We reviewed a 2GB Samsung YP-T10, there are both 4GB and 8GB versions as well. The interface is user friendly and intuitive with different customisable settings.

The Samsung YP-T10 supports MP3, WMA and Ogg files but no AAC. Its FM Radio has autoscan feature with recording.

Video playback is supported but only for WMV files transferred via Samsung Media Studio software or Windows Media Player and Samsung’s proprietary SVI format. Others useful features include Voice Recorder, Text Viewer, Image Viewer and RSS reader.

You can transfer files using the drag and drop option on Windows Explorer or through the Media Studio application. Bluetooth v2 support is another useful feature that we don’t normally see in other players to let us stream music wirelessly. The built-in battery can only be charged via the data cable connected to a PC. Bundled accessories include a stereo headphone, a data cable and a Quick Start Guide.

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