An internet radio without the computer, the COM One Phoenix WiFi Radio connects to your Wi-Fi network and lets you listen to countless internet radio streams and podcasts as though it was an old-fashioned wireless.

Obituaries for radio as a popular medium have been appearing since television invaded the homes of the 1950s. But radio survived TV, and it looks like it may survive the Internet Age as well.

Do you want to listen to audio without hovering over your computer or isolating yourself with a pair of headphones? You may want Com One's Phoenix WiFi radio.

The Com One Phoenix WiFi Radio is a slickly-designed 802.11b/g device (in profile, it looks a bit like an italic "L") that connects to your wireless network (or, via a USB port, to a USB drive or media player) and plays your audio out loud.

And not badly. The two stereo speakers offer good sound, especially for two relatively small speakers placed close together - we didn't crank it up to its maximum for fear that a neighbour would call the police, but we did get some good sounds out of it.

The speakers are located on either side of a 128- by 64-pixel LCD; below that is the play/pause/directional button and a nicely old-fashioned volume knob. The Com One Phoenix WiFi Radio also offers eight buttons that you can use for presets.

When you first start the Com One Phoenix WiFi Radio up, it immediately brings up a wizard that helps you connect to your wireless network. While it's a bit of a hassle when it comes to entering a WEP or WPA key (you have to use the volume knob to scroll through the all the letters and numbers, and then use the play/pause button to choose one), once we had gone through the process, the Com One Phoenix WiFi Radio immediately connected to our network, and we didn't have to trouble with it again.

The Com One Phoenix WiFi Radio comes with a bunch of preprogrammed internet stations; you can choose by location or genre. If you don't see anything you like, or have a favourite streaming feed that you want to connect to, Com One's website offers a wider selection of stations - once you log in to the site, you can add the feeds to your own radio's list or import any unlisted feeds manually.

Once you've configured your feeds, you can listen to them via the Com One Phoenix WiFi Radio whether your computer is on, off or in the shop.

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