When you walk into most London Underground stations these days there’s either an electronic board displaying the level of service you can expect from all the lines or at least something similar made with a marker pen.

Anyone familiar with London’s tube network will know that there’s always something wrong with at least one line at any given time – usually more.

Finding out that engineering works on the Victoria Line have overrun is pretty useless if you don’t find out till you get to the station. You can check online, or listen to the radio or local TV news segment, but that’s not always convenient – especially if you’re on the bus.

Of course, iPhone users can access the Internet to check online, but now there’s an even easier route to tube enlightenment.

TubeStatus is a handy little free iPhone app that mimics those station line status boards – all on one page, and with supplementary information just a click away.

Docklands Light Railway and London Overground users will be disappointed, but everyone else should be able to check on their route to work quickly and easily with TubeStatus – and then find someone’s thrown themselves on the line just as they get to Ealing Broadway.

DLR status has been added in version 1.1, but – at the time of writing – this is update still with Apple.

This app would be even better if it included a searchable tube map (unfortunately it’s copyrighted, and this app is unofficial but linked to Transport for London's up-to-date information), and maybe some sound effects – “Mind the gap”, “Stand clear of the closing doors”, etc, to liven things up a bit.

An option to locate the nearest tube station via GPs and Google maps would be great.


TubeStatus is a must-have iPhone app for London commuters, and great fun for everyone else who takes glee in the suffering of us cockneys down in the smoke.