Does the iPhone really need a dedicated app for reading PDFs? After all, you can download them right from the phone's Safari browser or when you receive a PDF attachment. Still, these methods have limitations--namely, that you need to use either the browser or the mail client to access them.

In that sense, PDF Reader Pro is much more flexible. The $1 app from Yuyao Mobile Software allows you to load your iPhone with PDF files, organise them in folders, and open them anytime you want, without visiting a web site or opening an e-mail message.

Early versions of the app were a bit unstable, but after testing 200 PDF files in all shapes and sizes--a 200-page novel, a product spec sheet, a contract, and many other documents--PDF Reader Pro never crashed or stalled when advancing through pages. The app lets you bookmark a page, a distinct advantage over the browser method. There are also two viewing modes--one that works fast but shows pages in a low-res view, and another that runs much slower but shows crisp fonts and photos. I'd prefer fast and high-res, but the rich PDF format normally requires a fast desktop processor.

The main perk for PDF users, though, is a simple file upload system.


PDF Reader Pro ran fast on an iPhone 3GS and never crashed. PDF files look perfect. I recommend it for the ease-of-use, file-upload system, and accurate rendering. PDF Reader Pro is compatible with any iPhone or iPod touch running the iPhone 2.2.1 software update.