This program, like a couple of the others, feels unfinished in many ways. Entering course data, for instance, is quite frustrating.

After entering the basic course information, you then have to tap on a hole number to enter the par and yardage for that hole. However, you can’t just enter those values on the first screen you reach - you must first tap an arrow next to Par, then use a scroller to select that hole’s par value (which goes from par 1 to par 9, so you could, I guess, enter putt-putt courses).

You then tap Select, tap an arrow next to Yards, and then enter the yardage using three different sliders—one for each digit! Click Select when done, then repeat the entire process for the next hole.

When you’re scoring a round, the process is similar - tap an arrow next to a player’s name, use a scroller to select the score (which maxes at 9), then tap Select to go back to the previous screen and repeat for the next player.


Between the data entry difficulties and the missing features, I can’t recommend Hey, What’s the Golf Score in its current form; there are better alternatives available.