Golf Tracker is another program that has an unfinished feel to it. The main screen has but one button - New Round - that takes you to a data entry screen for your new round of golf.

In the Course section, you can enter a new course by hand, but you can’t download course information from the net. Creating courses is time consuming, and they’re not editable nor deletable when done - once entered, the course remain forever, complete with any typos you made.

Entering your score on a hole is relatively fast, though somewhat annoying - you tap a small box next to your name, which then brings up a full-screen overlay with buttons labelled from 1 to 10; tap a button to enter that score, and the full-screen overlay disappears.

It’s quick enough, but it seems like overkill to bring in a full-screen overlay to enter a single number - a row of buttons would accomplish the same result without the visual interruption.


Golf Tracker is light on features, though it works reasonably well (once you’ve manually entered your courses) for tracking scores.