While Golf Memoir somewhat works as a replacement for the basic pencil and scorecard, the reality is that it’s much easier to use the scorecard than it is to use this program.

The main screen looks promising, with a spot to enter a course name, and an Invite Friends section listing people (seemingly in random order) from your contacts database.

However, inviting people to join your round of golf doesn’t seem to do anything at all - there’s no change in the scoring screens, nor are you given the chance to call the people you’ve invited to ask them to play. I’m not sure I understand the point of this particular feature.


To me, this program really doesn’t feel like it was ready for general release - the company’s website consists of a half-dozen sentences and a broken image link, there are features (such as the Invite Friends bit) that don’t seem to work at all, and features that should be in even the most basic of golf scoring programs (such as saveable course information) are missing.